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Previewing Digg Version 3

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the June 23rd, 2006

Digg had a super secret early preview party for digg version 3, slated to take over the world on Monday June 26th. Irina caught up with Kevin Rose, co-founder and chief architect of digg, to tell us about a secret feature that may or may have made it into version 3. She also chats with Timeless, a digg developer sweatshop worker about back doors. Finally, Irina talks with the Stamen Design kids, Eric Rodenbeck and Michal Migurski, who are behind the new elastic and bouncy data visualizations in digg version 3. digg it!

Episode links: digg, Kevin Rose, party pix, borscht, digg v3, digg viz, Stamen Design, Eric Rodenbeck, Michal Migurski 

Bonus video: Kevin Rose diggs deep with GETV