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Previewing Digg Version 3

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the June 23rd, 2006

Digg had a super secret early preview party for digg version 3, slated to take over the world on Monday June 26th. Irina caught up with Kevin Rose, co-founder and chief architect of digg, to tell us about a secret feature that may or may have made it into version 3. She also chats with Timeless, a digg developer sweatshop worker about back doors. Finally, Irina talks with the Stamen Design kids, Eric Rodenbeck and Michal Migurski, who are behind the new elastic and bouncy data visualizations in digg version 3. digg it!

Episode links: digg, Kevin Rose, party pix, borscht, digg v3, digg viz, Stamen Design, Eric Rodenbeck, Michal Migurski 

QT (.mov) download link

Bonus video: Clips of digg data visualizations (1 min), Kevin Rose previewing v3 (15 mins), Kevin Rose diggs deep with GETV

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  • John


    I usually don’t comment on sites like these but I just must do it here.
    I watched the whole video and I couldn’t help myself to wonder, how old exactly is Irine? because she needs to grow up.

    I found her questions and comments to be very childish in an attempt to come off as funny or amusing. I’m sorry but that’s just how I felt.

    Irine (sp?), please try to take yourself serious, you have good potential, don’t waste it. Get your act together, prepare yourself before asking questions, ask insightful questions that the viewer would be interested in. I watched the video in an attempt to get some insight into the Digg crew, not to hear jokes about porn. Another thing, don’t flirt in front of the camera, it never comes off as anything other than slutty and inappropriate on TV, you’re a journalist, be impartial.

    Hope you take this as constructive criticism and get out there and give us some great content!


  • David


    That sound you just heard was the joke going way over your head.

    Irina — Please stay slutty and continue to waste your potential. You’ll get the peabody another year.


  • Nick Douglas

    John, you’re lame.

  • Jay Adelson

    I personally loved her interview style. In fact, I’m working on Borsch v1.0 for the development team now.

    For the record, I’m glad she interviewed Stamen, because the work they are doing with Digg is extremely important and really gives some insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Digg. Eric and Michael are absolutely geniuses and everyone will soon agree.


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  • http://ThatOneFakeSite.fake Some_Guy

    Desinformados… English please?

  • dandyna

    I love GeekTV!

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  • macewan

    infuntanment john, infuntainment

    are these being uploaded to google video? that would be really help for the lazy linux crowd like myself

  • Ben

    I have to agree with John’s first comment. Shes really annoying.

  • Charbax

    Wow Irine Slutsky is awesome.

    I have to go see now if there are other cool videos with her interviewing geeks on the

    Keep up the good work.

  • Ajay

    I have to agree, she is the crappiest reporter ever. Her questions have no point, are without logic, and don’t even attempt to answer the foundation of a reporters quest to find out the “who, what, when, where and how”.

    wtf, is Digg spy on crack? Can you actually allow Kevin to explain wtf it is.

    Good god…get another job lady, you suck at this one.

  • Don Park

    is geekentertainment tv for real? based on the maturity level of the interviewer i thought the whole segment was a practical joke. looks like she had a real opportunity to talk to digg higher-ups and blew it on her own food-joke agenda and 6th grade speaking style.

  • Ari

    oh god I hate Irena, Geek Entertainments videos would be 10 times better if they found someone else to do the interviews, she just is really not very smart.

  • Irina

    Ari is the only one who has the balls enough to say he hates me and leave his URL, etc. Good for you Ari! He’s come back twice to say how much he dislikes me! Keep watching Ari. However, there’s no excuse for spelling my name wrong, as most of my detractors seem to not notice the 100 times it’s spelled out on this site. Another thing in common with people who dislike GETV is their “contempt prior to investigation.” (we rarely answer any actual questions viewers may have and no, we’re not for real! no, we have no interest in the “digg higher-ups” or any higher-ups for that matter…..and it takes me a long time to plan out my 6th-grade speaking style and my food-joke agenda! plans are currently under way to move away from hackneyed borscht to the salted herring that my sister Vera enjoys so much.)

  • Don Park

    first let me say i think you have a cool job and geek entertainment tv is a great idea. otherwise i wouldnt take the time to comment on the interview.

    since your reply was mostly sarcasm, perhaps a couple examples would help clarify what im saying. within the first 15 seconds your performance established a sense of nerviousness and unpreparedness.

    the first thing said after you introduced yourself was:
    “Kevin is uh founder and (points at name tag) chief architect.”

    You left out “the” and used the word “uh”. Right away Im thinking you’re trying to be funny and failing, or your really dont know who this person is.

    You a) casually touched your interviewee and b) acted like you had to read his name tag to know what his relationship was to digg. Drawing your finger across the name tag of your interview-e looks like you’re trying to establish for the audience that you have low boundaries with strangers. a happy-go lucky type that loves to chat people up. that might have worked with a pat on the back or similar but reading his name tag during the interview adds further fuel to the notion of being careless or having no preparation.

    thats just sentance 1. lets look at the next couple sentances.
    “So um my favorite feature uh was something you called um digg spy on crack. So can you comment on that a little bit and does it uh provide crack (staring off into space), is there is it a dealership is it a revenue sharing for the users? how does that work?”

    i think that paragraph speaks for itself. drop the uhs and ums, and always look at your interviewee when you’re talking to him. i could go on but i grow weary of the effort.

    ps we all left our email, its required by the website. there is no link on my name because i have no listed website.

  • Irina

    damn don! you read me like a book.

  • Kevin Burton


    Don. Yeah… uh… I hm… yeah….. You ….. uh. Sorry maybe… like… yeah.


  • Ari

    lol after that post, I like you a little more.

  • Jonny Goldstein

    Hey Diggsters. Go eat some borscht and relax.

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    slated to take over the world on Monday June 26th. Irina caught up with Kevin Rose, co-founder and chief architect of digg, to tell us about a secret feature that may or may have made it into version 3. She also chats with Timeless, a digg developer sweatshop worker about bac

  • Johny

    Thanks for posting that interview. The guy couldnt say it better

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