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Manifest Hope in DC

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the January 27th, 2009

On this eve of historic change in America, we visit the Manifest Hope: DC gallery exhibition in Washington, DC. Manifest Hope: DC is a hopeful and moving collection of works by over 100 of the nation’s artists, celebrating the grassroots movement that ushered Barack Obama into the presidency.

First time guest “Change Correspondent” Ali Bates Fisher speaks with Yosi Sergant, curator and producer of the exhibition, as well as a few of the exhibiting artists, Aniakon, Ron English, Margaret Cusack and Derek Gores. This was a momentous time to be in Washington, something most of the world won’t soon forget.

Episode links: Manifest Hope: DC, Yosi Sergant, Ron English, Margaret Cusack, Derek Gores, Shepard Fairey,

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    yeah was a really awesome night then.

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