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Cupcake Camp Isn’t Just for Sugar Lovers

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the December 1st, 2008

What do bakers of cupcakes and geek unconferences have in common? A lot it turns out. Both spawn high amounts of sugary fueled goodness, encourage collaboration for common tasty goals and openly share the processes to reach them. CupcakeCamp, modeled after BarCamp, encourages campers to make, bake or just eat cupcakes. Tastings are self organized into time slots, thrown up on a wiki and judged for taste, style and originality.

In this episode, Violet Blue — GETV’s roving baked good’s correspondent — takes you deep into the yeasty wide world of cupcakes and CupcakeCamp, created by none-other than lovely Internet Femme Fatales Ariel Waldman, Lynn Poshy, Cindy Li, and Marianne Masculino. If you think cup cakes are just slutty muffins, get ready to have your paradigm shifted. You’ll then know not to miss the next CupcakeCamp coming up on December 7th at the Satisfactory in San Francisco.

Episode links: CupcakeCamp (site), CupcakeCamp (wiki), Upcoming CupcakeCamp, Ariel Waldman, Lynn Poshy, Cindy Li, Marianne Masculino, Violet Blue

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