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Unified Theory of LOLs

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the May 30th, 2008

Ben Huh, chief cheezburger of I Can Has Cheezburger has turned his love of LOLCats into a popular site and even scored a book deal. While at MIT for ROFLCon, he stepped into the role of Stephen LOLking to explain the mysteries of his Universal Theory of LOLS to Irina.

Episode Links: I Can Has Cheezburger, ROFLCon

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  • Mark Schoneveld

    LOL! Awesome.

  • Veronica

    OMG you rule so much.

  • John

    Irina FTW!

  • DanVesma

    F me that is funny.

  • Nicholas Kreidberg

    Very well done and absolutely hilarious!

  • Erin D.


  • Howard Greenstein

    I am in yr univerz doing your big bangz

  • Rick Rey

    It all makes sense now. Thank you.

  • Bjorn Stromberg

    I came, I saw, I LOL’d. Nice job geeks.

  • Marisa

    so funny that I just pooped rainbows and unicorns! lol

  • Starman

    I’m on your web sitez leevin yoo commentz

    Excellent, Irina.

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  • Joel Smith

    i thought this was funny idea when you guys mentioned it at rolf. didn’t think you’d actually do it! haha

  • Happy LOL Day

    I love to LOL around with the LOLCats!!! They make me crai wit tha lollling..
    Such a great site!!!

  • Nio

    lol i laughed so hard i had to cross my legs lol HAHAHA

  • Ogrim

    Irina, you are my roflcopter!

  • AngelA

    I can has original hystericalocity.

  • mj

    zomg. zomg zomg.

  • Stewart

    Great stuff Irina!
    Had a huge laugh over this one.

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  • Poops4love

    I can has Irina as my wife nao plz?

  • Daisy

    Catching up on my viewing! Good job as always!

  • Desan

    All True!

  • Johny


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    Hahha… or should I say LOL. People really get uniquely creative now huh.

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  • Free Classifieds

    Yes, the theory that combines Lolcats with string theory.

  • irinaslutsky

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