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Pillow Fight: Make Feathers, Not War

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the February 21st, 2008

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than beating the crap out of someone else’s lover with a pillow? That’s exactly what happened when over a thousand lost souls gathered in San Francisco on this fateful day for the annual rite of passage known as Pillow Fight.

Episode links: Pillow Fight San Francisco, Chocolate Rain 8bit Remix

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  • bre

    wow, loved the playful editing and completely fantastic 8bit remix! Great rules too!

  • Rupert

    Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic. Great editing, brilliant use of that track.

  • ryanne

    yeah! nice one
    i love that there is an 8bit Chocolate Rain remix.
    f yeah

  • Jackson West

    Great work. I loved Rick’s cameo.

  • Robert Croma

    Hope is the thing with feathers…


  • Francisco

    Really enjoyable. I like the 8 bit remix. It sounds better, It sounds more varied & I don’t think it’s kitschy. It’s a nice twist to the song, Valentines and all, chocolate lovey dovey stuff. It’s the brave love episode.

  • Clintus McGintus

    Great episode! Loved the editing and the 8bit track is always a plus.

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  • BluesMan

    Nice story and gear track.

  • Photo Pillows

    Nice video!