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A Day at the Cat Show

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the January 7th, 2008

We all know that one crazy cat lady who puts her complete love, money and affection into her feline friends. Do you know what happens when crazy cat ladies come together and subject their little love muffins to the scrutiny of the harsh lights and exacting judges? Neither did we which is why Irina Slutsky and Violet Blue decided to visit the Fog City Cat Show in Alameda, California.

Episode links: Fog City Cat Club, lolcats, Doctor Popular, Drown Radio, Violet Blue

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  • Mike

    That spotted Egyptian kitty was awesome 🙂

  • schlomo rabinowitz

    That was the funniest episode I’ve seen from you guys in a long time– great work!

    But maybe I’m just a cat person at heart, so it hit close to home.

  • Mark Day

    Filled with awesome. Irina for the WIN!

    DO WANT!

    (OK, I’m totally out the closet as a raging LOLcataholic….

    In other news Mrs Mark has the cat allergies that makes her go PLEH! in the presence of teh cats. So we cannot has one! I is soooooo sad…..)

  • cisc

    Fifth post!!
    Shelby has to get dressed by his mother. The constellation t-shirt has to go!

  • Casey McKinnon

    i can has ANY wun ov those kittehs?!

  • Clarence

    Some of those cats were definitely cooler than my crazy-assed domestic short hair!

  • Dan

    so funny i nearly made a little wee. the judge lady takes it WAY too seriously.

  • Paul

    This is a great episode. any time you have a episode that features cats, Irina, lolcats and Drown River has got to be a great episode.
    the world is under attack from lolcats with gats…classic…

  • Daisy Whitney

    Love the cat episode! So funny.

  • Laura

    Hey Dan, I agree, I look way too serious. My gags got cut, what can I say. cat shows are hilarious but it’s so much fun to actually handle these cool cats. THEY are what it’s all about, not us geeky cat exhibitors. 🙂

  • http://thisone irina slutsky

    laura is really really great! thanks laura for letting us come buy and putting up with my dorkiness retarded jokes 🙂

  • Peekah

    Seriously, when talking about destiny having kittens, how could u miss the Destiny’s Child pun?

  • http://thisone irina slutsky

    @peekah: i didnt miss it since u got it 🙂 its called being subtle i can see how u didnt realize i was being subtle since my comedy is usually not 🙂

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  • Adam Willis

    I feel bad for the curly hair cat. I hate having curly hair and I’m sure it will be harder for strays to lick the hair clean.

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  • AJE


    nice show… and nice teets

  • Melaina

    This is hysterical! I am so glad to have a sick day to stay at home and peruse through all your shows. You’re incredible, Irina!!!!!!

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    I would like that they would arrive to lithuania

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