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In the Streets of Stockholm

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the February 9th, 2007

We found ourselves in Stockholm, Sweden last week so we decided to hit the streets and see how the Scandinavian youth of today use the Internet. With megabits of pipe to play with, these kids fill us in on some of their turf.

Episode links: Stockholm, Hamsterpaj, hamster, pie, Demonoid, The Poodles, The Pirate Bay

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  • Clintus

    Great show. I love the little foreigners. Love your sister!

  • Alberto

    No geeks, but is great idea to talk with young swedish. Go Irina, we want an European GETV Tour! See you in Italy 🙂

  • Johnny

    Hey now, great that you found you way to my home town!
    You should have announced it and make it a happening. Great show as always though!

  • D

    whoa! jr. vikings

  • Mo

    Nerdcore rules: check this guy out.

  • Paul Gilbert

    Very interesting interview.

    At the same time, people use the internet for basically the same thing, chatting with friends and downloading content.

  • Lan Bui

    All of people had cool accents.

  • Stockholm Escort

    I hope they enjoy our fine city.

  • Musicvideos1

    great to know how the Scandinavian youth of today use the Internet. With megabits of pipe. very interesting video.
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