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Searching for Windows Vista

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the February 2nd, 2007

The hype was huge but what's the reality behind the Microsoft Vista launch? We're not sure either, but we do try to get to the bottom of it at our local software retailer.

Episode links: Windows Vista, Jonathan Lasoff, Best Buy

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  • phil

    Classic end bit…. i was actually looking for my friend that works there!

  • Marc

    lol, Irina, I was almost convinced Vista is that popular..:)

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  • Clintus

    Great show guys. Debating about vista. Might just go right the original OS 🙂

  • Alex Zaltsman

    Irina – You need to get your own show on Comedy Central! This is priceless!

  • Craig A

    Hi Irina! How’s things? I saw you featured on G4 not too long ago…. I really enjoyed All of your segments. Glad that you didn’t relapse w/ the Tiki guys. Did you rent the penguin suit or buy it… … … I don’t really have anything that clever to say. I just wanted to say Hi Fatimah says Hi too!

  • Andrew Venegas

    I hear someone over in Utah just bought one too… A person in Utah… (cricket, cricket).

    I’m holding out myself. What’s the point when most people’s computer’s today, if they bought it two years ago, don’t have the graphics cards or memory to run it smoothly. I’m a Firefox nut that runs twenty windows at once; I don’t have that sort of memory to throw around on graphics I probably won’t use very often.

  • Bonny Pierzina

    Irina, you are so gutsy! I had to stop interviewing random people, because I am so afraid of rejection. I, too, enjoyed the girl at the end. It made me very giggly.

  • ???????

    Before you waste $500 on VISTA ask yourself this do i download music, movies or pictures for FREE? if you answered yes than i recommend that you dont get sucked into vista. it is exactly the same as XP accept it looks cooler AND IT WAS DESIGNED TO BLOCK MUSIC AND MOVIE DOWNLOADING. think about it hundreds, thousands of bands trying to make money and everybody downloads thier songs off limewire or morpheus or where ever they can. and what about multimillionare movies, most people like you and i just download them. VISTA has come to gether with an idea, to block all websites that offer FREE DOWNLOADING, to block all P2P software. the other day i decided to upgrade my morpheus and to my surprise anything that i wanted to download would be blocked, i typed in a song, tried to download it and it says, THIS IS A COPY RIGHTED VERSION. they are taking over our ntertainment. in 5 years vista will be installed on every computer in the world. go to your daily harvey norman or WOW catalogue and what do you see every single laptop, pc, now comes with vista. vista only came out like a month ago they would have to be mad to offer it for free. maybe if you listen to the song DOWNLOAD THIS SONG by MC LARS you will understand.pass this on. tell everybody you know, about VISTA. just amagin, teens of the future having to pay for their music and movies.

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  • bigbaby18

    you can use bearshare with windows vista

  • toni

    how do I download bearshare with a windows operating system.
    I have am having trouble

  • Denno

    My Bearshare works, and also my limewire pro works with vista.
    With Bearshare, the GUI has slight probs with one of the toolbars but does not prevent it from working.

  • coahke
  • Erin