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Xmas Special Music Video

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the December 23rd, 2006

After seeing Justin Timberlake’s brilliant gift idea on SNL last week, MC Slutsky didn’t want to leave the fella’s out in the cold. So, despite a horrific tone deafness, here is her rendition of this very special Christmas song. The track was laid down by Drown Radio aka Doc, a San Francisco electronic music artist and Nerdcore MC, who also directed the video for MC Slutsky’s musical debut. Look out for more collaborations from these two, a la Timbaland/Missy. Additional presents provided by Molly Ditmore. And all the fancy gadgets are belong to Ryan Block. Big ups to Jay Dedman for the camera & editing work on this one.

Episode links: SNL: A Special Christmas Box, Drown Radio, Nerdcore, Molly Ditmore, Ryan Block, Jay Dedman, Step-by-step Instructions, digg it!  

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