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Ask A Ninja Goes DVD

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the November 29th, 2006

Today, all ninja fans worldwide are able to pre-order the hot-of-the-press Ask A Ninja DVD compilation. In honor of the DVD release, the International Day of the Ninja on Dec. 5 and — most importantly — the fact that this episode of GETV will be featured on the historic DVD (as far as we can tell, this is the first online video show that has put out a compilation), we’ve decided to rebroadcast our interview with Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine, the guys behind the Ninja. Or next to the Ninja, sometimes they stand in front of him as well — anything to avoid getting killed.

For everyone in the LA/Hollywood crew, Irina will be co-hosting the Ask A Ninja party on Dec. 5, so please come by around 7pm to Cinespace at 6356 Hollywood Boulevard and say hello. Though be forewarned as the floor may be covered in human pizza.

Episode links: Ask A Ninja, International Day of Ninja, Pre-Order Ninja DVD, DVD Release Party

  • williamk

    Just a correction, RedvsBlue, the machinima series featuring characters from Halo, put out a few dvd compilations of each of their “seasons”. I think Ask a Ninja is the first “ninja based online video show” to put out a dvd.

    Of course, if most ninjas put out a dvd, would you know it before it killed you? I think not.

  • John

    And Jim Dupree put one out.

  • Heath aka The Batman Geek

    I made a DVD once and I thought about saying Ninja once as well does that count? 😉

  • No one

    Wow. This is lame. My dog can come up w/better material than this. Who funds this shit anyway?

  • irina slutsky

    i cant wait to see your dog’s material!

  • Tim Street

    What a great party! I had a blast. Thanks Irina!

    I hope the Ninja doesn’t kill you too soon.

  • Jill Foster

    Irina – …so fun with great, ninja-centric questions! I love Kent’s “yogurt culture” bit too (quick post on your segment here:

    …but watch your back. The ninja is everywhere. 🙂

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  • Job Search Kent

    That really was a great party

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  • Saim

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  • Anonymous

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