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Segway Polo in the Park

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the October 29th, 2006

We attend a hoity toity Segway Polo match for charity with GETV alums Woz and Victor Miller where GETV Guest Segway Sportscaster Nicole Shipley (daughter of Veritas Software founder Dale Shipley) asked hard hitting questions about the recent Segway recall. The match was part of the 22nd annual Polo in the Park  and the money went to the James S. Brady Riding Program for Special Children — so all kinds of horseplay went on.  Yeah, we do hang with chopped liver. MMM, chopped liver. Special thanks to Diego’s Umbrella for the soundtrack. We’ll keep our pants on, thanks.

Episode links: SF Polo in the Park, Segway HT Polo, Victor Miller, Steve Wozniak, Segway of Oakland, Diego’s Umbrella

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  1. Clintus said,

    on October 29th, 2006 at 9:02 pm

    Great one. But I’m starting to miss my Irina.

  2. rick rey said,

    on October 30th, 2006 at 1:55 am

    I want to play!

  3. medmusings said,

    on October 31st, 2006 at 10:18 pm

    links for 2006-11-01…

    Michael C. Hebert, MD – Halloween Grand Rounds (tags: grand+rounds) Geek Entertainment TV : Segway Polo in the Park with Woz (tags: segway polo video) Google has acquired JotSpot – congratulations to Joe Krauss and the Jotspot team with their acquisit…

  4. on November 2nd, 2006 at 1:53 am

    […] Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV went to The Segwey Polo in the Park. I’ve heard that Woz organised such a thing, but always wanted to see it. Side note: Irina has the strangest way of speaking ever. Love it! I’ve recently joined the videoblogging Yahoo mailing list. There’s around 2000 members worldwide. I don’t have any imediate plans to start a videoblog but I am really interested in the space. I just want to see what people are talking about, see if there is any way I can help. I’d love to build some tools. This Saturday is The Vloggies: “The Vloggies honor the involvement of the videoblogging community of creators, toolsmiths, delivery platforms and viewers. Culminating in one real-time, real-world evening event, the awards will be announced on November 4th in San Francisco, California. The evening will be podcast for anytime-anywhere viewing through and iTunes”. Go and vote! Spam, spam, spam […]

  5. christolai said,

    on November 2nd, 2006 at 11:29 am

    Segway polo rules!! Go aftershocks!

  6. jeffrey said,

    on November 3rd, 2006 at 11:57 am

    There’s nothing more satisfying than watching famous people fall from grace. Be in Vegas as your favorite celebs fall. Hard. Maybe even play a part in it. For chance to witness the potential end of the careers of Dane Cook, Dave Chapelle, and Chris Rock go to

  7. on November 3rd, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    Kultur Shock: November flow…

    [diggrz: an SVW tag for arts, culture, trends, and events in and around Silicon Valley- new from SVW] –  By Maria Mouk for Silicon Valley Watcher With the time change this weekend came the weather tide, pulling out the heat of Indian summer a…

  8. WillinDC said,

    on November 4th, 2006 at 4:41 pm

    Now that is what I call a lot of fun.

    Playing Polo on a Segway is the coolest thing. Next to using a Segway to tool around town in.

    Get on and glide, for fun, or just to get from place to place. It is quiet, no fumes, and the best way to move around!

    Go Cheasapeake Crab Mallets!

  9. lioneldp said,

    on February 10th, 2009 at 3:56 am

    Oh that looks like such fun – and for a good cause!!!