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Yahoo Locks in Hackers for 24 Hours

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the October 6th, 2006

Yahoo!, that benevolent purple and yellow Internet behemoth, opened her doors to hungry hackers of all stripes for 24 hours last weekend. The result was over 500 pizzas eaten, 100+ dozen Krispy Kremes demolished, untold gallons of Rockstar, RedBull and coffee liquified, one major rockstar played out and over 50 API mashup projects completed. Here’s a peak at a few of those projects.

Episode links: Yahoo Hack Day 2006, dotBen, Rabble, MonologrBjoern Hartmann, Color Field Camera, David Filo, Mo Kakwan – Blabber

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  • W.O.( in Oblivion, OK )


  • cisc

    I appreciate this type of episode. The Segway polo, schwag, zombies, and Big Wheel races I group into technology set & local happenings respectively. The tech-y material like coding marathons, DNS optimization, Digg/snark/meme interviews, and stuff translated into “English 1.0” are just too hip (thoroughly enjoyable) to me.

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  • graceglmcooke

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