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Killer Kites Dominate the San Francisco Skies

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the September 12th, 2006
The 9.8 Fighting Kite Brigade recently hosted another of its infamous kite fights high atop one of San Francisco’s notorious hills. Kites were going down left and right as a hearty few kitefighters dominated the sky. GETV brings you the action.

Episode links: Kite Fight!, Rick Abruzzo, Ted Rheingold, Seth Mazow

  • Ted Rheingold

    Courage! It takes courage to cover outlaw societies such as these! I’m pretty sure that Team Deadly Attack Pony guy is wanted in 4 states and 2 territories. Smart how he made sure to avoid exposing his face at all times. These kite fighters are clever!

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  • Thomas

    Hey Rick, Great clip on fightin deltas. When is the next kite fight, I’m there man! heheheheh I’m currently living in Brazil where kite fighting is everywhere but very dangerous, just say this people be getting there heads cut off here, a very ugly seen. I have some trick up my sleave. NO! crush glass and glue just some great kite fighting smacking around tricks add the razorblades and nail, then we have a show down of slashing and stabbing. hehehehehehh I should be returning to my home of San Francisco at the end of the year, and seriously would like to particpate.
    Great hope to meet at the next fightin kite event. Tchau for now. Thomas

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  • kiteboarding

    Awesome video! It's one of my favorite videos! I watched it at least ten times on your blog, Kite fighting rocks!

  • kitesurf

    Kite fighting is amazing, I just love it, in fact I have been participating from last 10 years and will continue rest of my life.

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