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Zombies Invade San Francisco!

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the August 21st, 2006

On a bright Saturday afternoon, GETV was caught in downtown San Francisco with a brain hungry mob of zombies. Yes zombies! Find out if Irina survives her encounter or if her brain isn’t deemed tasty enough.

Episode links: EatBrains, Laughing Squid coverage, flickr photos

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  • Jason Buckley

    This is exactly the sort of hard hitting journalism that the corporate media is too chickenshit to even come near. Zombies freakin’ attack a major metropolitan area and all you hear about from the MSM is about some wackjob who confessed to a crime he probably didn’t commit drinking champagne on a plane from Thailand. Bravo, GETV, bravo!

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  • Freddie

    Now I want to see mobs of zomibes VS the 501st Storm Troopers!

  • Francisco

    That was reaffirming. I was totally bummed out how everyday babies are born and people die. Zombies reminded me there is hope in mankind.

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  • Dragos

    What’s the name of the track? I love it, It rocks!

  • mr. blarg

    hahahaah win.

  • MikeCrabe

    Thanks this was a great episode. I can honestly say that I love zombie tematics. I saw lots of film with them and played many resident evils.

  • jason

    lol i want to watch this, the guy tripped lol

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