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Richard Stallman Protects Your Freedom So You Don’t Have To

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the August 8th, 2006

Free Software Freedom Fighter Richard Stallman tells us the four essential freedoms and why they are important for cooking and software. Ogg Theora version (.ogg) included to maintain Richard’s freedom.

Episode links: Richard M. Stallman, FSF, Free Software, HOPE6, Ogg Theora

  • Martin Albisetti

    Video link doesn’t appear to be working.

  • Martin Albisetti

    The section you have requested was not found.
    On both the MOV and OGG

  • ekai

    Martin: I’m not getting that and I just tried on two different computers. What machine and OS are you using? Can you get to Also, trying clicking on the image for the embeded version of the video.

  • Seth

    Me neither, Eddie. I’m running XP and Firefox, and the video isn’t working on the website, my bloglines or on blip.

  • Johnny

    It seems to work in Opera but not in Firefox. Strange..

  • Alex Zaltsman

    Ok – So when is Irinia’s father’s borscht recipe going to be posted…in the spirit of open source and..well, freedom 🙂

  • Martin Albisetti

    The links are working now.
    I have Firefox running on linux (ubuntu dapper)

  • Paul Gilbert

    Richard Stallman ends by saying “a fool and his freedoms are soon parted”. if there is one thing we should remember from that interview, and he had a lot of good things to say it is that.

    to me, this is serious t shirt material.

    remember that when you step into the voting booth in November.

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  • Leonardo

    Okay, so I’ll defend my freedom as he suggested…

    I’ve never seen such a stupid an unrealistic speech such as this one. Keeping with his recipe analogy… well… the ultimate goal of any recipe is, as far as I know, good food. If the freedom to share and modify recipes is so amazingly good in itself, why do people go to restaurants??? Maybe because the person is lazy, maybe it’s because the person will find better food, or maybe because it’s cheaper than cooking your own… who cares? It’s not a matter of why, it’s a matter of having options! And just as I’m not expecting to pay Aunt Mary for her apple pie’s recipe, I also don’t expect to have an apple pie for free in any restaurant. I believe they (the restaurant) are entitled to charge me for the pie, just as I am entitled to go home and cook my own if it pleases me. The fine line which people have a hard time to understand is that eating in a restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll eat better and the other way around is true too. So, again, it’s a matter of options, not of right or wrong.

    As for his concerns with anonimity… well, regardless of the problem itself his approach is the one of a coward, who hides behind his “friends” to protect his anonimity while exposing theirs… and a false one, I might add, since his friends will be connected to interests which are not really theirs, but his.

    Last, but not least, his “great” idea of online commerce break through is the stupidest of them all!!! If he’s going to visit a “store” to put his online order, why doesn’t he move his ass to the original store itself and buy whatever it is that he wants?!?! Ohhh… I know… it’s because he might be video-taped at the checkout…

    At least his honest and right about something: He really didn’t have time to learn!

    Guys, please, keep the level of the people you interview! All the others were great, fun, entertaining and smart, not this one.

  • John


    There is so much more depth to the issue then you obviously understand. Its actually entertaining reading your reply over and over again to see how clueless you are.

  • chris

    The interviewer was highly annoying in this clip. You took the recipe analogy way to literally. Who cares about your uncles borscht recipe? And then you undercut the person you were interviewing in a very sarcastic and condescending manner when he began to speak of his business idea, and you said “listen up businesses”. And when you kept spouting on and on about how many Starbucks there are and how there are Starbucks on the way to Starbucks, I turned the program off. The interviewee may have been a little loony, but the interviewer wasn’t much better.

  • Leonardo

    Hey John,

    Isn’t it funny that you need to read someone clueless such as myself over and over again so that you can feel good about yourself???

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  • Irina

    i couldnt agree more with chris! i wished i had let richard speak more and interrupted him less. one day i will get my humour recipe just right so it tastes delicious without hitting my viewers over the head. yay for viewers!

  • sr

    I enjoy the interviews on getv but this on put me off… I second
    a sentiment above that the interviewer must not be sarcastic…
    specially when interviewing someone as technically accomplished
    as RMS — an analogy in the physics world would be an
    interviewer interviewing einstein and poking fun at the
    theory of relativity.

  • Charles Iliya Krempeaux

    RMS’s idea about “Anonymity Stores” or “Privacy Stores” or whatever you want to call them is really interesting.

    If I could get privacy from a place like that, I’d probably use them.

    (Although I wonder what would stop such stores from identifying and tracking you too.)

    — Charles

  • libervisco

    The title of this thread doesn’t really send a great message. It is actually contradicting the one single thing Stallman wanted you to learn from him: “Defend your freedom. A fool and his freedom are soon parted”. It means that it is not only Stallman which should be working towards defending his and your freedom but you too.

    If everyone just made that a joke there would be no Free Software Movement to speak of today as RMS would be left alone preaching to the vacuum.

    You are the one who have to defend your freedom, not someone else. That’s the real message of Stallman, not that he’ll defend your freedom for you. Can’t you think and act for yourself rather that constantly depend on what other people choose and do for you? Be a human being, not just a damn consumer!

  • ekai

    libervisco: Ever hear of irony or Ze Frank?

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  • Dave Doolin

    RMS… nice. I wonder if he stills answer emails?