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Hacking Planet Earth from New York

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the July 31st, 2006

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GETV is in New York City for the sixth iteration of Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE). Irina buzzes around the Hotel Pennsylvania like a bee to pollen, finding out what is interesting in the world of computer security, lockpicking, lovable kitties, social engineering and the secret of #2. Beginning with this episode, Geek Entertainment is now in full 16×9 anamorphic glory!

Episode links: HOPE6, Hotel Pennsylvania, Loves you too, TOOOL, Christine, Series of Fallopian Tubes, Dr. Greg Newby, Prisoner #2

  • Bre

    This video had me cracking up! I wanna be a number two too!

  • schlomo


    I would ride down yer tubes any day of the week:)

  • Irina

    you must be this tall to ride these tubes!

  • cis

    These guys had DVD’s of the lectures the day after. I wished there was streaming content but DVD’s I picked up are pretty decent.

  • Alex

    Thank You