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Jason Lewis Circumnavigates the Big Whale

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the July 15th, 2006

Like a modern day Magellan, Jason Lewis is out to circumnavigate the globe though only using the power of his body. After several years of walking, biking, climbing, pedal boating and rollberblading Jason is closing in on the finish line. Irina catches up with the dedicated chap in San Francisco while preparing for his next leg of the journey. Follow along as he uses his video camera, laptop  and satellite modem to video blog his adventures among bush fires, insanity and hostile school children.

Episode links: Jason Lewis, Expedition 360, journal

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  • Casey

    Oh man… I wish I had the courage to quit my day job and be “broke as hell”! Hehehe… loved that line, Irina… ever so true.

    What this guy has done is such a dream… how extraordinary!

  • cis

    I bookmarked this guy’s site for future entertainment. What a fun project. The site has cool layout but the journal doesn’t seem to have a feed.

  • ekai

    hey cis: there is a feed, the link is kinda hidden on the sidebar under the “Follow along!” heading. also here.

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  • Pritchard

    Thanks for profiling a fun intersection of tech and adventure! It makes me want to grab my old backpack and hit the road!

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