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Virtually Embedded with James aka Hamlet Au

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the July 6th, 2006

Second Life is a vibrant exploding universe onto itself. It has a thriving economy, a creative workforce, islands of virtual terrain to explore, build upon and events at all times of the day. It takes an embedded journalist to bring these virtual realities to the lowly first world. GETV’s Irina Slutsky gets a first life interview with former Linden Lab’er Wagner James Au, currently an embedded journalist in Second Life who writes New World Notes. Find out how in-game citizens get fancy threads and make phat Lindens, also discover the secret double lives some gamers lead.

Episode links: James Wagner Au, New World Notes, Second Life, Linden Lab, furry, robots, Catherine Omega, Snakekiss Noir

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  • bre

    Nice interview. I liked seeing the footage from sl spliced in there, that was cool!


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  • Dagny Hemingway

    Hamlet Linden gives great interview as embedded reporter.

    As do you, Irina.

    Thank goodness you figured out how to put an open source spin on The Vloggies. Can’t wait!

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