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Who is Your Secret Vlogger Crush?

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the June 16th, 2006

We were recently at Vloggercon 2006 in San Francisco where GETV’s Irina Slutsky prodded videobloggers to reveal their secret vlogger crush. Now that these secrets are out of the bag, there is no going back. Episode links: Vloggercon, Amber MacArthur, Kent Nichols, Paul Knight, Amanda Congdon, Casey McKinnon, Bre Pettis, Zadi Diaz, Eric Rice, Chuck Olsen, Dina Kaplan, Josh Leo, Will Pate, Richard BF, Bill Streeter

  • Josh Leo

    Here is Beka’s URL: She Is awesome… and I am surprised that I seem to be the vloggercon heart-throb… I have some competition with Schlomo though…

  • chuck

    I would like to add Casey and Zadi to my vloggercon crush list.
    preferably, each of them sitting on josh leo’s shoulder’s in some sort of vlogger pyramid formation.

    thank you.

  • Casey

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!! It’s amazing how holding Vloggercon in San Francisco made us all gay… I was actually going to say Amanda Congdon but went with my male vlog crush instead, I only found out afterwards that she said me! Hilarious.

    Here’s a list of those I was not able to mention (in no particular order):
    – Jay Dedman: Why didn’t anyone tell me he looks that good in person? I don’t believe 320×240 captures his true intelligence and heart.
    – Chuck Olsen: too damn good to be true; I give thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster every day for Chuck…
    – Mario Librandi: Amanda was going to say Rudy first in her response but she said me instead and I think we both have great taste in males…
    – Josh Leo: killer looks and personality… I just want to hug him but feel too shy to do so…
    – Bekah Havens: exactly like me on the inside…

    Honourable mentions: Andrew Congdon (he loves The Bruce), Andrew Baron (smiles like a mischievous child), Michael Verdi (simply rocks), Schlomo (I want a hug from him every day of my life for no good reason), Ryanne (reminds me of a part of my self that I haven’t been for a while… a social concious political rights freedom fighter), Violet Blue (because although we both have sexy images, we’re both geeks at heart).

    Love you all, even if I neglected to mention you by name.

  • rob parrish

    Thanks for the plug Bill! I’ve come to terms with my stature so I didn’t mind looking up at you all weekend.



    My secret vlogger crushes are Bill, of course, and everybody over at the Pan —

    Also, for the record — as good as folks look on their vlogs, everybody looks better in person. We need to go highdef!

  • Casey

    I neglected to mention one of my biggest crushes… Chris Weagel of Human Dog:

    I’ll try to stop crushing on everyone now… (I love you Eddie).

  • Paul Stamatiou

    woot WillPate!!

  • ekai

    There is so much love in this room, I think I’m gonna explode. Love you too Casey! w00t!

  • erik

    This is really a great video. An impressive amount of meta data (love) being exchanged.

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  • Bekah

    “electric”!? My word…as if I wasn’t already crazy-mad for Josh Leo already! Now that the crushing is officiallypublic an mutual I’m all set to pack my bags and move to Grand Rapids!

    Vloggercon: Where All The Love Happens.

  • Irina

    fo real fo real.

  • Zadi

    I left out so many crushes! Irina – I totally left you out! So many more… 😉

  • Casey

    Oh Bekah… Rudy is going to be so disappointed. You see, YOU are HIS secret vlog-crush!

  • Bekah

    No, silly Casey…I didn’t mention Rudy because I know all about your martial-arts background!!!

    ‘Fraid of you!

  • Amber Mac

    Wow, there is a lot of love in the video blogging community! Do we have to wait another year before we all meet up again? I mean, seriously, now that we’ve come out with all this “crush business” the next conference should be a lot more interesting ;-)?!

    And, like Zadi, I left out quite a few crushes…quite a few…hmm…glad Irina lives far away or I’d for sure spill the beans to her…

    -Amber Mac

  • Philip Clark

    Violet Blue did not jump in the pool, and I did not dive in after her.

    Other than that it was a perfect weekend.

  • Patrick

    This was so funny.

    I’m going with Amanda Congdon over here. I’ll bet that Swedish American Hall is located in some kind of bizaro vortex that turns straight men gay and gay men straight.

  • Casey

    Bekah- Be not afraid… after all, you’re one of MY crushes… so you are protected from my vengeance!

    Amber- One word… VLOGGERCAN

  • ekai

    OK, next Vloggercon we have a big game of spin the bottle. Throw in a working hot tub, buzz butler and we have all the ingredients we need for a followup episode.

  • Irina

    i told violet i dont do cold water, but i asked the clicktv guy to turn on the hot tub and he said it didnt work! so if there is a body of water that is nice and hot (or evern just very warm) i’m SO in it. yes. spin the bottle. as long as richard bf is there. i hope he has some frequent flyer miles left.

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  • Casey

    Good suggestion, Eddie… With the amount of people I have crushes on, I can’t lose!

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  • Bill Streeter

    I wanted to say Irina herself but I was too shy.

    But I also love the Pan People, but only for their talent not their looks.

    I was also disapointed to hear that not one person considers me to be their vlog chrush. Oh well, at least I know Meiser likes me.

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  • Michael Meiser

    Wow, just discovered this. Now I know why everyone at the vlog session at bloghere was saying that vloggers were a bunch of hippies and it seemed like a big love fest.

    It’s like the summer of love all over again. In the haight no less, well castro. I think that place is some kind of weird spiritual vortex indeed.

    Ya damn hippies!


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  • Miniatur Drum

    was a good read

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