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Dr. Friendly & Nurse Nicely Bring The Boing!

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the March 31st, 2006

The Boing! is a fun, bouncy, elastic, blinky, bleepy invention by Dr. Friendly aka Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum. The good doctor and Nurse Nicely take us on a bouncy trip through the boing-o-sphere. If you’ve been watching the reality television show American Inventor, you might already know about boing! Episode links: dr. friendly, boing!, american inventor

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  • cis

    It looks like it is supplemented by electronic sounds. I think it would great to make twin-leaf looking solar array to make it run completely on alternative energy sources. Of course it would need to withstand being outside but anyway that is really cool.

  • jason

    The Boing is stupid. Is it real? If it is real it is stupid. If it is fake it is stupid.

  • darren


    you dont get it.

  • Irina

    i should hope at least ONE person would think it’s stupid.

  • ekai

    Yes, the Boing sounds and lights are computer controlled using MaxMSP. I’m sorry there isn’t more footage of the controls and sensors, there was just too much bounce to be had!

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