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What is Adaptive Path?

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the March 6th, 2006

GETV crashes Adaptive Path’s fifth anniversary party. This is the special episode you’ve been waiting for as everyone tries to answer the question, "What is Adaptive Path?" Thanks to all the party people! Episode links: adaptive path, tub of lust, party pix, Merlin Mann, Paul D Smith, Evan Williams, Thor Muller, Lane Becker, James Hong, Tara Hunt, Marissa, Jeremy Pepper, Jeffrey Veen, Janice Fraser, Nick Douglas, Ben Brown, John Merrells, Nima, Enric, Peter Merholz, Jesse James Garrett

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  • Sara

    Your site looks like crap in Internet Explorer.

  • Irina

    what is Internet Explorer? (just kidding — we’ll have to do sthing about that since 85% of peole use it)

  • erica

    nah, just make them all switch to firefox. “if you want to see the awesome, you must download firefox or you’re sol.”

  • Bernhard

    This clip is by far the funniest video my iTunes ever played for me.
    Thank you 🙂

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  • Jay Allen

    If you’re still using IE, you’ve got bigger problems than what this site looks like…

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  • Lloyd D Budd

    Irina has a real potty mouth in this one. Detracts from the humor :-(. Where was the PG-13 or NSFW rating? 😉

  • Hugh Beaumont

    Are Jews allowed on this site?

  • willo

    hahaha… this is awesome. i love that the thumbnail is of marissa! i just had sushi w/ her a few weeks ago, but only know her through friends of friends so i was like ‘whoa, i know that girl… sorta.’

    merlin’s responses were awesome: “I was downstairs, but now I’m upstairs!” hahaha.

  • Irina Slutsky

    ONLY jews are allowed on this site!

  • Halcyon

    Fucking so so good. 🙂

  • Enric

    IE 6 is really sensitive about anything that is larger than the column width. IE will put everything below the other columns text in such situations. That’s one to check if any items are larger than this columns width.

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  • shpilman

    Jeg hilser til klovnen. Jeg liker klovner veldig godt! Jeg har vrt p sirkus og sett klovner.

  • johncurley

    And ever so informative!
    Because now I know what the hell Adaptive Path is! (Besides a good place for a party.)

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  • frannkofthenorth

    So far so good with IE7, this site looks pretty good! (course it was about a year ago, so maybe you’ve done something special already…)
    So, uh, do you folk have your own Flash server, and if so, how does that strike your fancy?

  • lesbians

    nah, just make them all switch to firefox. “if you want to see the awesome, you must download firefox or you’re sol.”

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