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Don’t Ask Bram Cohen About BitTorrent

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the February 24th, 2006

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Don't Ask Bram Cohen about BitTorrent

Irina steps into geekdom ground zero and catches up with CodeCon Co-Organizer Bram Cohen at the CodeCon after party in San Francisco. Bram tells us what he finds fancy this year. Just don’t ask him about BitTorrent. Episode links: bram cohen, bittorrent, codecon, siteadvisor, submit, different planet, marry me

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  • Patrice

    Your feed for this item is broken. There is no enclosure, so I can’t download the movie from my feed reader.

  • ekai

    Thanks, should be fixed now. The enclosure was hidden behind some Javascript.

  • Patrice

    Thanks, works now.

  • Dave

    The download link is screwed for me.

  • ekai

    Oops, typo. Download link fixed too.

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