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Freevloggers Ryanne Hodson & Michael Verdi at Macworld Expo

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the January 11th, 2006

GETV is at the Macworld Expo this week where we caught up with Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi, vloggers of the first order and soon-to-be authors of The Secrets of Videoblogging. Irina discovers the art of freevlogging and takes a glimpse into the world of story telling and New Jersey exits. Episode links: ryanne hodson, michael verdi, freevlog, secrets of videoblogging, peachpit press, peachpit blog, dried prunes & rice cakes, seagull, my legs are too short, squeezing out a story, naked michael

Watch GETV Episode 27 – 4 min 46 sec

  • jonny goldstein

    Lovely interview.

  • Verdi

    Thanks for being my personal up escalator. You guys rock!

  • Steve Rhodes

    These are the photos I was taking

  • Simon

    Nice job on the ‘Naked Man’ edit. Very Ben Stiller.

  • Daoal

    Glad to hear it

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