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Chris of the Messinas sets the record straight

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the December 23rd, 2005

Chris Messina, resident Flockstar and O.G. of bubble 1.0, chews the cud with Irina on his recent trip to Les Blogs, Flock funding, and parental notification. Episode links: chris messina, flock, les blogs, les threesome, sleeping canter, civility, finger food, flock funding, new garage, don

Watch GETV Episode 20 – 3 min 37 sec

  • Lloyd D Budd

    Very fun stuff! So Chris and Matt are straight, I hear otherwise.

    Now to be stuffy, to satisfy my ego and CC licensing, the attribution for my photo should really be in the video. Tiny little credits at the end seem to work well 😉

    GETV has legs and ends up all over the internet,

  • tijs

    The video seems to have gone missing…

  • ekai

    Lloyd: I don’t know how I could have missed that photo pool! I completely missed the joke on this one. Regarding photo credits, I agree. I’ve reencoded this one with a photo credits page at the end. Hopefully that satisfies ego and licensing reqs.

    tijs: It’s back now. It was gone for awhile after I tried uploading a new version of the vid. For some reason, it disappeared completely from after I did that. I uploaded as a new vid and all seems to be good in the world again.

  • Lloyd D Budd

    Citizen journalism at it’s finest and snarkiest. Seasons best!

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