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Running Fool is the Human Baton

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the December 17th, 2006

Ze Frank has a posse. That posse is known as Sports Racers. One Sports Racer by the name of RunningFool, or Luke as his parents might call him, is in the midst of tossing himself off from Sports Racer to Sports Racer in an attempt to travel across the United States. Completely organized from the forum of Ze Frank’s website, RunningFool is traveling like a human baton with the help of 300 fellow Sports Racers. Irina catches up with RunningFool as he passes through the San Francisco Bay area. Several other Sports Racers show up and demand to be counted.

Episode links: RunningFool, Human Baton, Ze Frank, Ze’s description, Flickr photo pool, Jay Dedman (thx for the camera work)