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Inside Leo Laporte’s Cottage

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the November 24th, 2008

In this episode, Irina found herself an embedded reporter in the manly brown leather and earthy wood enclave of serious tech guru Leo Laporte. In case you haven’t listened to or watched one of Leo’s 14 netcasts, feel free to Google his name. Not only is he famous on the Internet, he’s also won an Emmy for his work on MSNBC. At Leo’s cottage studio in Petaluma, Irina and producer Nick were surrounded by microphones and were LIVE on TWiT — Leo’s daily tech talk show — as they recorded two episodes of GETV — one you see here and one for a later surprise. Being live is not something Irina is used to, so some regular TWiT viewers gave her a talking to in the chatroom! But Leo’s candid interview is a treat for his fans — he tells us his first crush was a man (leo WAS wearing a pink shirt) and reminisces about the summer of 1970 when he wore a blazer and an ascot. His family moved from the east coast to Santa Cruz where young Leo was shocked to see a girl in a bikini! Leo is his incredibly charming self and he talks about always giving the audience what they want! Here at GETV, we BLEED for our audience and we certainly never worry about our ratings. So what do you want next? Tell us at

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