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WWWDC Smackdown!

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the June 30th, 2008

While some of tech nobodies thought some kind of Apple event crowded out San Francisco with geeky types, Irina knew better. Tens of thousands of people pummeled our fair city with their presence to attend the WWWDC — the World Wide Wrestling Developers Conference, where nerdy alter ego’s of pale weaklings body-slammed each other deep into the night! Irina’s wresting twin, The Kazakhstane Krusher — no impostor like Borat (the entire film was shot in Romania!) — Irina was born in the nuclear waste fields of the former Soviet republic, and has the anatomic anomalies to prove it. Some of those anomalies are included in her signature moves, the K-Rocket Launchers! Lets see what kind of damage the bone-thin denizens of geekdom can bring in the wresting ring!

Episode links: Buzz’s WWDC Party, Kazakhstan, Buzz Anderson (The Bootlegger), Kevin Rose (“help me!”), Gutter Grill (Minna Bartender), Micah Saul (Guillotine Geek), Andy Smith (Bandito el Burrito)