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More Maker Faire Madness

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the June 2nd, 2007

There was so much goodness at the Maker Faire this year, we couldn’t just do one episode. Violet Blue goes deep and talks to makers Kimric Smythe and Shannon O’Hare of the Neverwas Haul project, Katie London and Kate Hartman of Botanicalls and Ron Sears, who with his son Nick Sears, created the ultraORB.

Episode links: Maker Faire, Violet Blue, Neverwas Haul, Botanicalls, ultraORB

A Day at the Maker Faire

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the May 23rd, 2007

The Maker Faire came to town and it was chock full of brilliant, freaky gadget makers and inventors from around the world. GETV’s Roving RoboReporter Violet Blue wanders the fairgrounds to see how things are going in the Make Play Day room, explores vintage pinball machines and checks in with the Power Tool Drag Races.

Episode links: Violet Blue, Maker Faire, Michael Shiloh, Make Play Day (pix), Lucky Ju Ju Pinball, Power Tool Drag Races, Jeremy Boyle (Trio1)

Nerd Salon and Roomba Cockfights

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the May 17th, 2006

How can anyone say no to cockfighting Roombas? That’s right, it’s simply not possible. GETV Roving RoboReporter Violet Blue goes deep with Nerd Salon’s high priestesses Annalee Newitz and Jennifer Granick to discover geek polination games, fighting robots and other stickiness that brings out the nerdy geek. Violet then talks to Phil Torrone, master Roomba warrior from the land of MAKE, who describes the impossible mission that got the Roombas fighting.
Episode links: nerd salon, annalee newitz, jennifer granick, violet blue, roomba frogger (thx mark!), mad scientist, feline pollination, roomba pool, phil torrone, irobot roomba, geek american hero, 3 laws of robotics, make magazine

A Romp Around the First Maker Faire

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the April 28th, 2006

GETV takes a romp around the geek playground known as the Maker Faire. This inaugural event put on by MAKE Magazine brought out thousands of people to take in the beautiful weirdness. Follow Irina as she discovers a junior engineer, an electric giraffe, adult bouncing and who knows what else. Episode links: Maker Faire, MAKEzine, Bay Area SEG, Swap-o-Rama-Rama, Graffiti Research Lab, Electric Giraffe, Trampoline Simon, music: Twilight Electric – Hidden Dangers