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Holy Blinky Devices of Terror!

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the February 20th, 2007

At a recent Dorkbot, we happened upon three suspected terrorists in San Francisco harboring dangerous blinky LED cartoon characters. These are the same Aqua Teen Hunger Force “infernal machines” that caused Boston authorities to so thoroughly freak out recently. Watch Out! These Mooninites might look cute, but when attached to things like signs or street polls they take on an extremely explosive quality. Irina gets the scoop from the suspected terrorists.

Episode links: Michelle Clay (photo), Magic Safire (photo), Jonathan Lassoff, Mooninites (Ignignokt and Err), Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Boston Terror Scare, Dorkbot-SF

Karen Marcelo tells GETV what makes a Dorkbot

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the December 21st, 2005

On Dorkbot-sf’s 3rd anniversary, founder Karen Marcelo tells Irina what this secret society of dorks is all about. She traces its early history of pickle lights, mortars and fire spewing vaccum cleaners to the modern era of teledildonics, prosthetic heads and celebrity geeks. Episode links: dorkbot-sf, first dorkbot, dimension7, violet blue, teledildonics, pickle light & mortar, fire vacs, dorkbot-ny, dorkbot-london, stelarc, lynn hershman, tom zimmerman, rfid1, rfid2, eric paulos, urban atmospheres, something explosive