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Tim Wu on Network Neutrality

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the April 21st, 2009

For our 200th episode, we get sorta serious with the subject matter, but dont worry, there’s still LOLcats involved. We talk to a very esoteric and smarty-pants guy, Columbia University law school professor Tim Wu (he’s hot too! but married) — he’s the guy who even the FCC trusts to help them make fair laws about such things as the AT&T and BellSouth merger. Professor Wu is credited with popularizing the concept of “network neutrality” in his 2003 paper Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination. In 2006, he co-authored the book, Who Controls the Internet? Network neutrality is essential to free speech, equal opportunity and economic innovation in America, so if you use the internet — or at least, if you watch porn on the internet — here’s your chance to learn exactly why you should care. Also, after you watch this episode, you can sound super smart at all those parties you go to with your social networking friends. During 2008, Wu served as an adviser to the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

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