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McVlogger Daniel McVicar Wants You to Make Media

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the October 21st, 2006

When our new boss Rorbert Scoble said he’d had dinner with a great vlogger who’s also “some guy who’s on a soap opera,” Irina’s ears perked up.  Turns out he’s on a soap opera that Irina and her sister have watched since the beginning. (“Vera, why they show same movies every day from noon to 4 pm on every channel?”) Needless to say, when said vlogger and UBERSTAR Daniel McVicar offered to co-host the Vloggies, Irina nearly fake-fainted. Not only has Daniel played almost-evil but ultra-hot soap stud Clarke Garrison for two decades on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful, he’s also hosted at least three Ms. Europe pageants so he knows award shows! What we like best about Daniel McVicar is that he brings his amazing wisdom and experience of old skool tv media into the new without taking himself too seriously — and this makes us respect him and want to learn from him! Imagine that — is it some kind of zen buddhism thing where being humble gives you the authority that is truly yours? Anyway, Daniel has managed to win the hearts of the vlogosphere with a wink and a nod on The McVlog and even Ze Frank has a bit of the old vlogger crush on the chesty hunk. Daniel is opening his show to the viewers with his newly released Late Night Mash so send him your clips and see what he does with ’em.

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