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Exotic Cocktail Robots and Vienna Sausages with monochrom

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the September 6th, 2006

While recently in New York City for HOPE2006, we caught up with Johannes, the main instigator of the Austrian based art-technology-philosophy group called monochrom. Johannes explains Roboexotica, an annual competition and expo for robots that serve cocktails to humans. Is this all a sausage party or is there real meat behind all this? Come find out.

Episode links: monochrom, Roboexotica, HOPE6, Cocktailbot1, Cocktailbot2, Cocktailbot3, Cigbot, Sausage Party, Let’s Network It Out

Richard Stallman Protects Your Freedom So You Don’t Have To

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the August 8th, 2006

Free Software Freedom Fighter Richard Stallman tells us the four essential freedoms and why they are important for cooking and software. Ogg Theora version (.ogg) included to maintain Richard’s freedom.

Episode links: Richard M. Stallman, FSF, Free Software, HOPE6, Ogg Theora

Hacking Planet Earth from New York

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the July 31st, 2006

GETV is in New York City for the sixth iteration of Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE). Irina buzzes around the Hotel Pennsylvania like a bee to pollen, finding out what is interesting in the world of computer security, lockpicking, lovable kitties, social engineering and the secret of #2. Beginning with this episode, Geek Entertainment is now in full 16×9 anamorphic glory!

Episode links: HOPE6, Hotel Pennsylvania, Loves you too, TOOOL, Christine, Series of Fallopian Tubes, Dr. Greg Newby, Prisoner #2