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Leslie Hall Knows Her Gem Sweater

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the November 4th, 2008

So this episode is what happens when our own wacky lady Irina meets an even wackier lady, Leslie Hall. In case you dont know Leslie Hall, she’s best known for her Gem Sweater Museum and her incredible hip-hop influenced music videos, like “Shoot them in the Brain.” Leslie has toured the world with her music and gem sweater collection, but chooses to live with her parents in Ames, Iowa. After arriving at MIT’s ROFLCon and waiting in line behind the likes of NPR, Wired and the UK Observer to interview Leslie, we decided that instead of asking Leslie the same ten questions over again, we’d do something different! So Irina handed Leslie the mic and here’s what happened. It’s a little strange.

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