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Let’s Hack This Beck

Posted in GETV Episode by ekai on the October 3rd, 2006

Who knew that a megalo-uber-etoile like Beck Hansen would entertain just a few hundred geekerati this past weekend (the likes of dotben and Joyce Parks) at Yahoo Hack Day 2006, but alas, it’s true. To the amazed delight of childlike adults dressed in all manner of t-shirt and jean combos, one of the best musicians around (and Scientology’s finest gift to mankind so far) put on a full stage show at the annual geekfest, including on-stage-maneuvered puppets, bear costumes and even a custom-filmed mini-movie about hacking, Yahoo! and puppet porn. Hard as GETV tried to climb into the Yahoo! workout room, where Beck met with the Yahoo! fancy-pants, we could not (Eddie wanted to get some beer, mostly.) Finally, as Beck graced the hacking area (aka, Yahoo! cafeteria) we grabbed the band members and asked them as many questions as we could, despite having no brain cells left in the presence of actual and non-Internet rock stars.

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